This month is a month of two halves with a really dry period for almost two thirds of the month until the 21st of the month with minimal rain in the South East (10.2mm) and drought ridden lawns clearly visible.

Now we are receiving some decent rainfall this week, with over 10mm of rain in the last 24 hours your thoughts should turn towards lawn renovations and solving those Dry Patches.

It’s a month also to look out for Rust Disease which looks like the featured image.

This year has been far dryer than last summer to date but this year has not been declared a drought year yet still the lawns have suffered from the constant dry weather and windy days extracting the vital water from the surface of the lawn and garden through high natural evaopration figures.

The time is now to fertilise your lawn and to encourage it to put on some growth and drought recovery before the night time temperatures drop too low. You can do some over seeding too as the soil is warm and moist.

Aeration would be a good mechnical operation to perform, to open up the drought ridden surface.

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