Don’t you simply hate lawn worm casts at this time of year?

CastClear is the solution to lawn worm casts.  It’s a lawn soil cast suppressant and a deterrent. It’s proven in control on both lawns and sports turf.

Which? Gardening Trials Team trialled it and gave it the thumbs up.

It is unique in using a surfactant system that moves the nutrient into the upper soil structure and fixes it there providing good persistence of deterrent effect until breaking down to natural nutrients absorbed by plant roots.

-Deters lawn soil casts on for up to 20 days
-Non Pesticide
-Non Biocide
-Non Hazardous
-Nutrient based with soil penetrants and organic sulphur
– Proven control on lawns and sports turf
– Mixed with water and applied with a general garden sprayer
-Repeat application at a third of the full dose rate

1,000 Millilitres treats up to 500 sqm
500 Millilitres treats up to 250 sqm
250 Millilitres treats up to 125 sqm

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