With over 142 mm of rain in January and February, that’s 5.68 inches in old money, there has not been much opportunity to get out into the garden except to admire the many Snow Drops and Daffodils as we have had very few dry days to encourage us to head outdoors.

The majority of lawn are completely saturated. The weather has been quite mild and the grass plants are growing nicely and in need of a mowing. All in all, the Winter has been wet and soggy with minimal frosts.

The Earthworms are causing a bit of a problem with their sticky soil casts and CastClear, sold in the Lawn Shop will control these. Use some Indigo Garden Spray Dye to add to the sprayer so to mark where you have sprayed.

The Moss has taken hold on account of the wet weather and apply some Soluble Iron to retard it’s spread and wait two weeks before you scarify once regular mowing has resumed.

As the lawn is growing in the mild weather, raise the mower and simply ‘top’ the grass to tidy it up and remove a small amount of growth. Mowing the lawn will stimulate further growth and really life the visual of the garden on these wet , drab days.

Any form of Aeration will allow the lawn soil to breathe a sigh of relief whether you use a mechanical aerator of garden form, especially in high traffic areas and also where water pooling occurs.

Now is the time to get your head around your spring time lawn care supplies of moss killer and fertiliser in preparation of when it is going to stop raining!