Let’s face it – we have had two really summers in the past two years.

If you are wondering how to fix dry patches in your lawn to get rid of them, the answer lays with Lawn Quencher – Lawn Dry Patch Remedy.

These clever 75 gram wetting agent tablets will:

* Prevent localised dry patches
* Recover stressed and damaged turf
* Enhance and improve water penetration
* Retain and conserve water

Lawn Quencher is one of the innovative products developed by The Lawn Company Team, whom have been looking after turf and lawns for over 36 years.

Simply put a single Lawn Quencher – Wetting Agent Tablet into your chosed garden feeder / diluter (such as a Miracle-Gro Hose Feeder in image) and apply it to the dry patches until it soaps on the surface or run off.

You will then be able to over seed these dry and crusty, water phobic areas with fresh new grass seed.

If lawn dry patches are one of your biggest lawn problems, look no further than a Lawn Quencher Wetting Agent from The Lawn Shop or Amazon.