With the New Year just over a weeks old, our thought process at this time of year is not always on our lawns.  The grass does not stop growing, but it slows almost to a stop and with a slight increase in temperature will easily grow over the winter months.  Currently it’s wet and mild with temperatures today set at 11 degrees centigrade.

If we enter a period of warmer winter sunshine and the ground is not frozen, sieze the opportunity to get the mower out and ‘top’ the grass taking off anything from 10% to 25% off the top to tidy it up and stimulate whatever growth there may be at this time of the year.

No lawn should be scarified in the winter months when there is little chance of natural grass plant recovery following the scarification process no matter what your chosen lawn care expert or company claims!

Lawn owners who do not mow their lawn(s) between the period end of October to the start of March are the fool hardy ones as their grass can quickly become long, diseased, thinner and less dense.  Now there is a fine line of asking yourself the question “So when do I send the mower in for a service?” if our advice is to continue to mow the lawn over the milder winter period.  Life is a gamble!

You may naturally lose some grass cover and density over the winter months and ensuring that your lawn grass plants are well prepared for the ravages of winter is the best advice.   Good healthy turf grasses survive winter better than weed grasses, weeds and moss and thin grass cover.

Here are our top ten tips for caring for your lawn during the winter period:

  1. Do not walk on the lawn when it is covered in frost
  2. Make sure you have cleared all the leaves off the lawn so that the grass plants are not smothering the grasses
  3. Control any worm casts
  4. Get the mower serviced early to avoid the rush.  Make sure your engineer fits a brand new mower blade
  5. Spend any milder days trimming the edges of the lawn and alongside pathways and around borders
  6. Snowmen built on lawns will take a long time to defrost and disappear
  7. Do not worry about removing snow from lawns, it will be fine underneath but may exhibit some ‘Snow Mould’ or ‘Fusarium Disease’ once the snow melts
  8. Toughen your lawn up by applying a Soluble Iron to provide some colour and winter hardiness but do not apply when frozen
  9. Mow the lawn if ground conditions and weather conditions permit
  10. Plan for spring and get ready for the weekend when you venture out into the garden again to apply a spring tonic to the lawn to help it get rid of it’s winter blues