With hardly any rainfall in April and May, in particular in the South East, after the hot and breezy weather during the Covid-19 pandemic 71 day lock down period, the weather is about to change to favour lawn owners.

The natural water loss from the lawn and garden during hot the recent 24 degree temperatures is about 6mm per hour between the hours of 11:00 – 17:00 so you would need to apply 36mm of water to compensate for just one day of hot weather. You can soon work out how your efforts of lawn watering each night will get into a water deficit without trying.

End of May is the ideal time to apply the second fertiliser application to the lawn and make great use of the rainfall to get the product dissolved an into the root zone to help the turf grasses recover from the drought stress.

All our granular lawn fertilisers are 50% slow release Nitrogen and all will provide vital nutrients for your green sward for 10-12 weeks.

20 Kgs treats up to 666 sqm and you can purchase some in a 5 Kg and 10 Kg tub with a sealable click lid to save for the next feed without it getting damp or damaged in the meantime.

Once the grass has returned to a shade of green, it would be time to tackle your lawn weeds. Use Indigo Garden Spray Dye to help you see where you have and have not sprayed / treated.