May has been a really dry month with only 0.8mm of rain in the month in the South East at least.  April was down a bit on rainfall with only 37.60 mm in the month.

We are officially in a drought and the lawns are really suffering now with the high natural daily water loss /deficit that only a good days of regular rainfall will resolve.

Turf grass plants are as tough as a pair of old boots and will naturally go brown to conserve water but your options of lawn care under the current conditions are a bit limited to waiting for some rain.

If as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, you forgot about your lawn for a few weeks to self adjust to the new way of living you are excused. You may have not applied the spring fertiliser application back then and if not, when the rain arrives, get some on quickly and get it washed in to benefit the hungry sward and to aid drought recovery.

It’s a bit dry to control the weeds on your lawn as the weed plants tend to shut down and not take in the selective weed killer active. Wait for rain and don’t risk stressing the grasses out more than necessary.

Take the time to mow the lawn in multi directional passes on a higher mower setting than normal unless you are planning to renovate the lawn in which case lower the mower desk in stages and take advantage of the dry days to crop the lawn to reduce the depth of vegetation. Sounds a bit drastic but your lawn will love you for it.

Get the Pimms out and the sun umbrella and learn a rain dance!