We have it on good authority that it is going to stop raining now. ‘Noah, built me an Ark!’

Time to get out in the garden and catch up on your lawn and garden weed control.

How much easier it would be to make garden chemical treatments if you can see where you have an have not sprayed by colouring the spray solution with a spray indicator dye called Indigo Garden Spray Dye.

Your treatment experience will be a bit like painting by numbers when your were five in play group.

Take the hassle and worry of getting it right or wrong by purchasing some Indigo Garden Spray Dye for £13.00 for a 80 gram/ml bottle, enough to indicate up to 80 litres of spray solution.

It is a great spray dye for lawns and gardens, developed by The Lawn Company Team. Available from The Lawn Shop and Amazon – Search Indigo Garden Spray Dye or simply Spray Dye.