If you have had some recent rainfall where you live, you will soon be noticing tiny soil casts generated by Earthworms on the surface of your lawns.

The Earthworms will be quite active now that we are into Autumn in Counties of the United Kingdom where gardens have received lots of regular rain. It the South East, we all pray for rain still!

CastClear – The Solution to Lawn Worm Casts will deter the worms from entering the root zone to set their casts. It will not harm the earthworms but deter their activity.

Repeat every 20 or so days at 1/3rd the initial dose rate to keep the sulphur active topped up in the soil.

1,000ml treats up to 500 sqm and RRP £29.99
500ml treats up to 250 sqm and RRP £19.99
250ml treats up to 125 sqm and RRP £9.99

Remember to get your sprayer calibrations correct otherwise the product may not provide the desired results.

Apply at rate of 200ml in 2.5 Lts of Water per 100 sqm of lawn area. Fill your chosen sprayer with up to half of the desired water volume, add the correct amount of CastClear and maybe some Indigo Garden Spray Dye to help you see where you have or have not sprayed, and then top up with clean water to the desired mark.  Agitate and spray.

More info on the single product web site  www.CastClear.co.uk