Now we have had some much needed rain, the time is ideal to tackle your lawn weeds and make an applciation of a selective weed killer to combat them.

They will take a few weeks to die back so be patient.

The process should be to mow your lawns between three to five days before just to make sure that the turf grasses are not stressed and also that you have a good crop of weed vegetation to accept the treatment product.

Calibrate your chosen sprayer, run some water through it first hand then half fill with water, add the control product and some Indigo Garden Spray Dye to the spray solution to mark where you will be spraying and then fill up with clean water to the required level.  Agitate and spray.

Do not mow until five days have passed to allow suffficient time for the weeds to take in the weed treatment. You will see the stems and leaves of the weeds twisting which is a sign that they have taken in the treatment as it is after all a growth hormone that sends the plant into super growth.

Make sure that you follow the label and ensure that you are wearing some protective protection like gloves and a coverall and wellington boots.  Ensure that your sprayer is clean after use too, ready for next time.

Repeat again in six weeks if 100% of the weeds have not been controlled this application.